Amendment to GCR 105.5

By 21st December 2019 Competitor Information, News, Regulations

Amendment to GCR 105.5 as reported in December 2018 Back & Chest Protectors are Compulsory from 1st January 2020 for all Tarmac Events.

MCUI Compulsory Chest and Back Protectors 2020.
Use of a chest and back protector is compulsory and must be clearly marked with the following norms: a) The back protector must comply with EN1621-2, CB (“central back”) or FB (“full back”) Level 1 or 2. b) The chest protector must be: a) “Full chest protectors” (protector designed as a single piece) and “Divided chest protectors” (protector designed in two separate halves) are permitted. All types of chest protectors (full or divided) must have a minimum protection (total) area of no less than 230cm² b) Only protectors and in conformity with prEN 1621-3 (level 1 or 2) are admitted. (MCUI Technical Teams decision is final).

Ref to Racesuits with Airbag systems and over suit vest protection

All racesuits with Airbag systems classified CE 1 protection WILL require additional Back and Chest protector fitted.
All racesuits with Airbag systems classified CE 2 Do NOT require any additional protection.
Any over racesuit Vest must carry minimum CE 2 Classification.

Full details available in the 2019 updated GCRs
Rule No. 105.5, 105.5.1, 105.5.2, 105.5.3

GCRs can be downloaded here