2020 MCUI Short Circuit Racing regulation changes

By 11th December 2019 Competitor Information, News, Regulations

At the recent MCUI Inter Centre conference a number of changes and additions were made to the standing regulations and technical regulations for Short Circuit Racing with these changes coming into force from 2020 onwards.

The changes agreed relate to junior licences, machinery eligible for Supersport, the Pre-Injection class, the types of fuels permitted for racing and the use of chest and back protectors. A summary of the changes can be found below and these changes will be incorporated into the relevant documents which will be available on the various MCUI and championship web sites over the coming days. A link to the full text of the changes and additions can be found below

For 2020 a change has been made to the age limits for novice national licences, The age limit for Production Moto-One machines, Junior Supersport and the new Moto1 class has been lowered from thirteen to twelve, to bring the licence requirements in line with those used in British Championship racing.

A change to the MCUI Supersport regulations will see the capacity limit for four cylinder engined machines raised from 600cc to 636cc. This has been instigated following a similar change in British Supersport Championship regulations at the start of 2019 and effectively allows the latest model Kawasaki ZX6R to compete in the Irish Short Circuit events.

The Pre-Injection class will have a new division for the start of next season as a 1000cc class will join the existing grid which is currently restricted to 600cc machines. As with the current championship, the class will be restricted to normally aspirated bikes, between 630cc and 1000cc, with no fuel injection allowed.

Chapter 12 of the MCUI General Competition Rules, ‘Technical Rules’ will have a section on permitted fuels added. The aim of the additional regulation is to enforce the use of pump fuel in most classes, with no allowance for race fuel or additives, except for older two stroke and classic machinery. Exact fuel specifications are included in the rules which will be published in their entirety shortly.

From next year the use of back and chest protectors, which is currently highly recommended will become compulsory. The full specification of the required equipment will be included in the updated regulations when published and will detail the standards which must be complied with, i.e. CE and EN ratings.

For the full text of the 2020 regulation changes Click HERE.