1978 Ireson Yamaha TZ750

By 18th July 2019 News

Ulster SBK Round 6 will see this special sidecar take its place on the grid. Below is some information about this special machine.

The bike was constructed in 1978 by Trevor Ireson for Stuart Farquhar who had it built for a Suzuki TR750 engine.

Sometime later Stuart modified the bike in order to fit a Yamaha TZ750 engine, using parts supplied by Trevor Ireson.

By 1983, the bike had been changed drastically and had been cut, widened and converted to rear exit, as many of the later front exit bikes of the time were.

By this time, it was being raced by Scott Renwick, with a Windle fairing fitted.

In 1984 a more modern fairing was fitted, and it would appear from period photographs that the bike was raced largely in this form, by Scott until 1988.

We purchased the bike in this form (apart from the paintwork) in 2003, from a collector (who also at the time owned the ex Steve Abbott HamYam that Greg Noble now owns).

We made a number of modifications to the chassis, including the fitting of the Windle fairing now on the bike, and a repaint in Trevor Ireson’s early 1980’2 colours. The bike was also returned to Trevor for a new swingarm, and repositioning of the engine, and it was he who identified its year of manufacture and original engine.

We have raced the bike continuously since 2004, all over the UK and Gedinne in 2013, averaging at least 6 race meetings a year. Mainly against modern bikes in recent years, where the bike continues to give a good account of itself.