Ulster SBK Championship 2019

Competitor information regarding the new Supersport 300 class

The Ulster Superbike Championship are to run the New SS300 class concurrently with the Junior Cup and Young Gun Classes in 2019. All with separate championships.

Decisions for 2020 will be made during the season on the future of Junior Cup. On any decision made, all machines will be accommodated in a race class for 2020.

We will be working more on Technical control in all classes during the 2019 season, including fuel testing to ensure the MCUI rules are upheld.

250GP / TZ350-375cc Machines (non championship) will compete within the Lightweight Supersport class and will start on the grid by their qualifying time.

We also believe that some riders/clubs do not understand the Superbike and Supersport class workings.

The Superbike Pro/Cup are one class, The Supersport Pro/Cup are one class

When the Pro/Cup format was put in place by MCUI, is was to mirror the BSB superbike class which had a Cup class which ran within it.

The MCUI version had the SC commission deem that Pro and Cup must Practice in separate sessions to allow the “faster” / “Slower” guys have their own sessions.

The two-session had to run back to back to allow the same track conditions and to combine the practice times for grids.

Cup graded competitors had the opportunity and incentive to qualify for pro races and score points in both Championships, the remainder of cup riders that didn’t qualify would race in the (B) race or (Cup) race which is really a non-qualifiers race. This race also allowed the cup points to be awarded points down to 15th place.

Any competitor that is changing classes to a Supersport / Superbike class must inform the MCUI(UC) Tarmac committee, so they can be graded.