Technical Control and Scrutineering 2019.

Technical control and Scrutineering 2019. Early Warning!

Race numbers must comply with MCUI Technical Rules.

There has been complaints from spectators, marshals, timekeeping, first aid and officials on the state and size of race numbers during the 2018 season.

From 2019 all machine race numbers must comply with mcui technical rules on size, font, spacing and location.

Failure to comply with rules or a request from Scrutineer to change them will result in penalties /or exclusion from the event.

Notification now to avoid any issues come the start of the 2019 season.

Rule and regulations can be found on the MCUI UC webiste from the following link View here or they can be downloaded directly from this link Download Here (Pages 65, 66 and 67)

Any technical questions can be sent to