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St Angelo Airport (Formally RAF St Angelo)

RAF St Angelo is a former Royal Air Force station during the Second World War, located near the village of Trory on the southern tip of Lower Lough Erne, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) north of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland; also used by the Fleet Air Arm.[1] The name St Angelo is believed to be taken from the nearby Bishop’s house (named after the saint), which was commandeered during the war as the Station Commander’s residence; the name also became attached to the airfield.[2]

The airfield was later renamed as St Angelo Barracks from the 1970s and utilised as an accommodation barracks and a centre of helicopter operations over the province, by the British Army and Ulster Defence Regiment during The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The airfield remains in existence under civilian ownership, reduced to a single runway, with a range of private flying ventures but with no commercial airline services.

St Angelo Airport

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